Club Registration and Information Session

Our Registration and Information event is taking place at the Snow Valley Lodge on Wednesday, October 24 from 3 pm to 6 pm.


Registration is in full swing with members mailing in their Membership Application Forms (and cheques – unless they are 80 or older and have been members continuously for the last five years – then no cheque is expected with the Membership Application Form).

If you plan on mailing your Membership Application Form in and coming on the 24th, please mail your paperwork off well before October 24th.  If you have not registered by mail and come on the 24th , please bring you cheque book to pay for your membership as we prefer cheques to cash.  We are not set up for credit or debit card transactions.

If you cannot come on October 24th , your Membership Card will be mailed to you after the 24th and after your cheque and Membership Application Form are in hand.

The Club Membership will entitle you to participate in Club activities and events.  Details about this are listed in the Membership Handbook Version 3.1, available on line under “About Us”


On  October 24th, Club activities planned for the coming winter season will be featured with eight planned ski trips taking pride of place.  Tour Coordinators will be on hand for further explanations.

If you happen to be a “ski-single” this season and would like to share accommodation, please put your name on the list for the trip you plan on taking.  (If you have not found a roommate by the time you send in your Tour Form, you need to supply a cheque for the singles room rate.)

The Snow Valley “on the hill” program, which gets us in even better shape for the days in the Rockies, will be ready for you to sign up.  Since payment will be to Snow Valley directly this year, credit/debit cards as well as cash and cheques will be accepted.  Martha and Larry will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the programs.

On the social side – tickets for the Fall Dinner will be available with another cheque.

If you would like to purchase your season’s pass for Snow Valley you can use your credit card.  The pass entitles you to discounts.  The Snow Valley Website only had the very attractive and now obsolete deals for the past season, when I checked it September 16, 2012.  Please be aware that discounts are not always available right away; the annual negotiations for example between hills take time and may be finalized after our first ski trips.

This totally volunteer run Club does not advertise to attract new members, as word of mouth appears to reach just the right amount of prospective persons who come, look, participate in and volunteer at activities, events and trips.  Thank you and please keep bringing your friends – on Wednesday, October 24th, coffee and goodies are on us!

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