Tour Roommate Matching

If you are looking for a roommate for a ski tour, send an email to with the subject: roommate wanted  and the following 5 lines (and optionally “Comment”):

  • Tour:
  • Sex (only M or F are acceptable):
  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Comment (preferences, likes, dislikes):

One week before the tour start date (i.e the earliest date on which you may mail your completed Tour Reservation Form and cheque), your roommate request information will be emailed to the other roommate requesters of your gender who want to go on that tour.

On the draw date, if there are still names on the list and there is no over-subscription, a second mail-out will be made.

It’s up to you to contact people on the list and make arrangements.

If you find a roommate, please email, subject: roommate found, and your names will be removed from the list.  The preferred format would be:


Roommate 1: (your name)

Roommate 2: (if double room)

Roommate 3: (if triple room)

Roommate 4: (if quad room)

By informing us of matches, it will help us judge the success of the program.

Your information will only be accessible by the tour hosts and the board of the Club.

You must be a member of the Club.  If you are not, or if the email that you provide does not match what we have on file, your request will be ignored.

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