From May to October, members of the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club are offered the opportunity to keep their skiing muscles in shape through Tuesday and Thursday bike rides in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. It is also an excellent way to socialize with other Club members and meet new friends! Members simply show up on days they would like to participate. We start the season with short easy rides and increase the length and difficulty as summer progresses. Depending on your biking experience, fitness level or your energy level that day, we offer green, blue and black routes each time. All routes include a stop somewhere for refreshments. How do the groups differ from one another, you ask?

  • Bikers in the Black Group usually go the fastest and seldom stop to smell the roses. Often they go the furthest. They look for hills and work as many hills as possible into their ride. By the end of May the Black Group often does 30-35 km each ride.
  • Bikers in the Blue Group often travel at nearly the same average speed as the ones in the Black Group. However, bikers in the Blue Group like to stop every now and then to smell the roses, admire the scenery, take a drink of water, visit, etc. These bikers willingly do hills when a hill is between where they are and where they want to go, but they do not search out hills to do. By the end of May the Blue Group often does 25-30  km each ride. Occasionally, on a flat ride, the group may go somewhat further.
  • The Green Group is usually composed of riders who have not biked for a while, those who want to polish their skills, and those who just prefer a more leisurely ride.  New bikers should begin riding with the Club during the first few weeks of May, when more seasoned riders will be available to provide instructions, leadership and encouragement. Routes are easy and generally flat.  Members of the Green Group will be asked to take turns leading the green ride once they are comfortable with the routes.

Helmets are mandatory! A good, well maintained bike, adds to the enjoyment. Many bikers start with an old, but well maintained, bike. After they see how much fun the group can be, they often invest in a better bike. We begin our rides at 10:00 a.m. and finish between 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. Bikers are asked to be at the meeting place by 9:40 a.m. We will occasionally lunch together (picnic) and will conclude the season with a group lunch.

Biking routes include a number of trails in the North Saskatchewan River valley and the Sturgeon River valley. We also ride in other areas of Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. Members take turns leading the rides.

Please note that we do not publish the schedule of biking routes and meeting place locations on this website.  Only registered bikers get this information and it is provided via email.

For more information on the summer biking activities, contact


The Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club has put together a Biking Manual which provides more detail on rides, rider/leader responsibilities, and equipment. You can download the manual by following this link:

Get Biking Group Manual

If you want to print the manual as a 2-sided booklet, follow these steps:

  1. Download the booklet
  2. Open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 11.0.2 or later
  3. Click on File -> Print -> Pages (should show 1 – 16) -> Booklet -> Backside only (on booklet subset) -> Print.
  4. Four pages will be printed.  Take the bundle of 4 pages, turn it face up by moving the edge that first came out of the printer to the rear.  Don’t rotate the bundle on the short axis.  Without any more turnings, insert into the paper tray.
  5. Click on File -> Print -> Pages (should show 1 – 16) -> Booklet -> Frontside only (on booklet subset) -> Print.
  6. If you don’t have a stapler with a 6 in jaw, poke an odd number of holes — say 5 — about 1″ apart along the spine and sew the booklet together.  Just like the old days.

Set the Page Sizing and Handling option back to Size before logging off Adobe Acrobat.  If you don’t, the next time you print a .pdf document you might get only a half-page size document and a grumpy spouse.

The City of Edmonton has produced a bike safety video on their website (Sep 20, 2011).  Click here to view it.

We have also produced guidelines for biking group leaders.  Click here for those.

If you want to limber up properly before and after a ride, click here for a number of cycling tips and stretches for injury prevention.

If you want to see some strange biking-related pictures, click here.

Click here for 2013 biking pictures.  (Not as strange as those above)

Click here for some pictures of the 2013 Canmore bike tour where some members got to stay for an extra three days.

Click here for the story of those who stayed the extra days.

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