Bulletin Board

Members are invited to use this page to post messages that would be of interest to other members of the RMSSC community. Please see the “Bulletin Board” description on page 2 of the “Communications Policy” for complete details on the use of the Bulletin Board.


Examples would be:

“Who wants to play 18 holes on our next golf day? Contact (member).”

“Anybody interested in going for a 30km bike ride on Friday, May 23? Contact (member).”

“Male needs male roommate for Jasper Ski Improvement week. Contact (member)”

“For Sale – 170 cm parabolic skis – $25 – contact (member)” –

and the like…

Please keep messages related to club activities only.

Enter your message by replacing the phrase “Enter your comment here” in the box under the heading “Leave A Reply”.  It will be sent to the webmaster for approval and should appear shortly on the webpage for all to see.

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One Response to Bulletin Board

  1. Max Mayer says:

    I plan to travel to Banff on Sunday Dec.6th and will ski at Sunshine and Lake Louise for the following next 3 days. I reserved a Room in Banff at a very good Rate and can offer Transportation for 2 People from Edmonton with their Skis and Baggage in case your Buses are full. I mentioned earlier that Sunshine is offering a Seasons Pass for Skiers older than 80 and confirmed this today; the actual Cost is $ 97.00 plus GST = $ 144.05, but this enables us to ski until closing Date on the May Long Weekend.
    If anybody is interested, please contact me by e-mail: opaski29@shaw.ca
    Anybody traveling with me should share the Cost for Fuel (I have 1 extra Seniors Park Pass.)

    Max Mayer

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