Summer BBQ 2015 Photos

Check out the “BBQ 2015” photo album……

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New Executive members elected at AGM

Here is the list of the RMSSC Executive positions that were finalized at the Annual General Meeting held May 13, 2015.

  • Secretary – Wendy Saunders taking over from Maggie Kirchen
  • Tour Coordinator – Ian Kupchenko taking over from Donna Vine. JoAnn Grand will be staying on one extra year with Ian.
  • Social Events – Sylvia Moysa taking over from Joan Stirling. Barbara Fowler will be staying on an extra year with Sylvia.
  • Communications Coordinator – Bob Rose taking over from Gordon Hollis
  • Vice President – Jim Vine

Please check the “Membership” tab then the “Contact Us” pull-down for a complete list of Executive members and how to get a hold of them through E-mail.


Thank-you to Maggie, Donna, Joan and Gordon for their efforts on the Executive.

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Ski Tracks is Back

The Newsletter “Ski Tracks” is back. Look under tab”Our Stories” and then pull down “Newsletters”.

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Archived Blog Posts

Some important “Blog Posts” have been relocated to the “Our Stories” tab under the “Archives” pull-down.

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Snow Valley Volunteer Opportunities

Our Club and Snow Valley have a special relationship. Snow Valley facilitates many of our activities. In return, our members facilitate Snow Valley’s Special Events. We encourage our members to consider volunteering at Snow Valley’s Special Events on behalf of our Club. For more information, click here.

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