2014 Ski Training at Snow Valley

Martha writes….


As most of you know, throughout the ski season Snow Valley offers to club members on-hill training programs in a variety of disciplines.  In the past, the on-hill programs have been designed primarily based on assumptions about our preferences.  While this approach has worked reasonably well in meeting our training needs, I suspect that the programs could be improved by actively soliciting our preferences and tailoring the programs according to those preferences.

If you are interested in receiving on-hill training from Snow Valley this season, please give some thought to the sorts of things that you would like to learn.  Perhaps you’d like to learn techniques to manage the steeps with more control and confidence.  Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to use your edges to carve turns and maybe even try out that skill in a gentle race course.   Maybe you’re interested in general technique work designed to improve your skiing in all sorts of conditions.  Or maybe you want to learn to ride a snowboard so that you can play on the snow with your granddaughter.  These are just a few examples to illustrate the range of possibilities. Please send me email (steenie@rcn.com) with your ideas and requests for on-hill program content for this season.  If you have participated in the on-hill programs in the past, please let me know which programs and also please let me know what worked and what didn’t work in those programs.  Please respond by 13 September so that there is time to incorporate your input into the programs offered.  With your input, we should be able to craft a variety of engaging  on-hill programs that help us master the skills that we want to learn.


Martha Steenstrup

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Upcoming Events

2nd October- the End of Season Biking Lunch will be held at Festival Place, Sherwood Park.

22nd October – will be Members Registration Day (almost certainly at Snow Valley).

26th November  – the Fall Dinner will be held at the German Club.


In each case full details will be given a little nearer the event.

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2014 Elk Island Road Ride

Elk Island Road Ride 2014

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2014-2015 Ski Tours

A schedule of the  Club’s Ski Tours for the upcoming 2014-2015 season 2014-2015 Ski Tours has been supplied. It should be helpful for planning purposes. Full details of each tour, together with tour registration forms will be made available at the time of the Fall Membership Day and also by any Ski News Updates.  Included is the number of days skiing available on each tour simply as a guide. All tours include bus transportation except for those to Marmot, those being self-drive and BYO lift ticket events.

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Snow Valley Golf Tournament Thank-you

Snow Valley – Thankyou 2014

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2014 Canmore Biking

Canmore Biking Tour

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Results of 2014 AGM Election

The following people were elected:

  • President – Douglas Knight
  • Special Activities – Richard Barham and Terry Demkiw
  • Membership – Art Robinson
  • Webmaster – Tony Holtner
  • Brian McClelland is now Past President

We thank the following for their contributions to the club:

  • Past President – Mike Tansey
  • President – Brian McClelland
  • Special Activities – Shirley Powell and Douglas Knight
  • Membership – Anke Seifried
  • Webmaster – Harold Knopke
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