2016 Members Handbook

The 2016-2017 edition of the Members Handbook is now on-line and ready for you to read. Look under the “Membership” tab for the “Members Handbook” pulldown.

Changes from last year include the following:

  • Who can go on a ski tour?
    • Participants 55 years of age or older must hold a Club membership.
    • Non-members under the age of 55 who are partners of a member may participate in a tour provided all members have been accommodated.
    • More details on page 2 of the handbook.
  • What is an oversubscribed tour? What happens when a tour is oversubscribed?
    • Details on pages 5.
  • Membership year – March 31 deadline has been removed. Page 1.

Photo on the front cover – where was it taken?

Read some helpful hints to safe skiing on the back cover.

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2 Responses to 2016 Members Handbook

  1. ken nowosiad says:

    Hi. I just talked to Dave and Rosslyn who told me about you.
    Marmot finally got snow… Maybe there is still time.
    Yes… I’m interested to join.

    • seniorsski says:

      Hi Ken…..Please send an E-mail to the Membership Coordinator who’s name is Art Robinson at info@seniorsski.com if you are interested in joining the RMSSC club. He will take you through that process. Then after becoming a member you can sign up for ski tours. The “Skiing” tab on the website main page will help you with that……Tony

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