Membership Day October 23 2018

Membership Renewal
The new membership year begins November 1. Ski tour planning for the 2018-19 year is well underway and the year promises to be full and exciting as always.
The membership fee of $25 will extend your membership to October 31, 2019. The fee has been waived for ALL those 80 and older as of October 31, 2018.
Members can visit the Club website,, to download and print the Application for Membership. The form is found under Membership. Click on Join Us. Share this information with friends who have expressed an interest in joining our Club.
Members who do not have internet access will receive the application form by mail.
Mail your form early so we can have membership cards ready for the Registration and Information Session on Tuesday, October 23. Members unable to attend that day will receive their membership card by mail after Tuesday, October 23.

Registration and Information Session

The Club will be holding its Registration and Information Session on Tuesday, October 23, from 2:00 to 6:15 p.m. in the Lodge at Snow Valley. Information about the 2018-19 ski tours and on-hill ski programs at Snow Valley will be available.

The session will also provide an opportunity for you to
• pick up your 2018-19 membership card,
• find a roommate,
• purchase your Fall Dinner tickets,
• purchase a season pass for Snow Valley. The Snow Valley season pass, $105, gives you discounts on accommodation and lift passes at other ski resorts.

Become a Club Buddy

Club Buddies play an important and rewarding role in our Club. They help welcome new members to become familiar with the Club. They also help new members meet other members. They are always ready to answer questions and to encourage new members to participate in Club activities.

If you are interested in becoming a Club Buddy for a new member, please contact Deanna Sharratt at . You will be helping build our community.

If you are a new member, and would like to be contacted by a Club Buddy, contact Deanna at .

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