• 3 Nov 2019 6:32 AM | RMSSC Webmaster (Administrator)

    Naskiska opened October 26 on weekends

    Lake Louise opened November 1

    Sunshine opens November 8

    Marmot Basin opens November 8

    Check the webcams!!

  • 2 Nov 2019 6:29 PM | RMSSC Communications (Administrator)

    Hint: Login before clicking on the poll link in the email you received.

    You can take the poll only once. The link is unique to your email address.

  • 31 Oct 2019 4:50 PM | RMSSC Newsletter (Administrator)

    November newsletter is now available in our 'Members Only' area: News->Current Newsletter. 

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  • 6 Oct 2019 9:57 AM | RMSSC Tours (Administrator)

    This seasons Ski Tour "Information Descriptions" are now available under "Ski Tours" and "Ski Resources".

    Note: Sun Peaks 1 Tour opens for Registrations starting November 4. Got your roommate? Find one at: Skiing->Skiing-Roommates

  • 5 Oct 2019 5:08 PM | RMSSC Webmaster (Administrator)

    Registration for the fall dinner November 13, 2019 is now open.

    See you there!

  • 5 Oct 2019 5:05 PM | RMSSC Webmaster (Administrator)

    Membership renewal as well as new member applications are now open for the 2019/20 membership year. Check your member profile.

    Remember to renew!!

  • 1 Oct 2019 12:22 AM | RMSSC Communications (Administrator)

    October Newsletter now available in our 'Members Only' area: News->Current Newsletter

  • 12 Sep 2019 9:36 PM | RMSSC Communications (Administrator)

    Inaugural edition of RMSSC 'This Week' was sent out tonight. Read this edition for 'Fall Fitness Class' details.

    Edition #2 will be sent Sept 16. Check you email inbox every Monday morning!

  • 1 Sep 2019 2:40 PM | RMSSC Communications (Administrator)

    September 2019 Newsletter is now available and accessible to RMSSC members only.

    To read it, you MUST log-in first. Follow this path:

    News->Current Newsletter 

  • 28 Aug 2019 10:32 AM | RMSSC Communications (Administrator)

    St. Albert cycling trails have been closed due to flooding. The September St. Albert rides have been moved as a result. New ride locations are:

    September 5 - Hawrelak Park

    September 17 - Callingwood

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