Cycling Manuals


Cycling Group Manual

The Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club has put together a Cycling Group Manual which provides more detail on rides, rider/leader responsibilities, and equipment. You can download the manual by following this link:

Cycling Group Manual

If you want to print the manual as a 2-sided booklet, follow these steps:

  1. Download the booklet
  2. Open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 11.0.2 or later
  3. Click on File -> Print -> Pages (should show 1 – 16) -> Booklet -> Backside only (on booklet subset) -> Print.
  4. Four pages will be printed.  Take the bundle of 4 pages, turn it face up by moving the edge that first came out of the printer to the rear.  Don’t rotate the bundle on the short axis.  Without any more turnings, insert into the paper tray.
  5. Click on File -> Print -> Pages (should show 1 – 16) -> Booklet -> Frontside only (on booklet subset) -> Print.
  6. If you don’t have a stapler with a 6 in jaw, poke an odd number of holes — say 5 — about 1″ apart along the spine and sew the booklet together.  Just like the old days.

Set the Page Sizing and Handling option back to Size before logging off Adobe Acrobat.  If you don’t, the next time you print a .pdf document you might get only a half-page size document.


We also have aGuidelines for Cycle Leadersmanual.

And some Cycling Tips for Leaders and Participants.

Also available is theCycling Tips and Stretches for Injury Preventionmanual.

Here is some Tips to Maintain Your Bike.

And the Top 5 Mistakes Cyclists Make.

Wondering about pedal choices or gear choices?

How about Edmonton’s Cycling Laws and Safety.

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