Weekly Cycling

Weekly Cycling Program Overview

How do new members Register for Weekly Golf and Weekly Biking
1. Join the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club.
2. Every Friday a Bike and Golf Contact Enrollment Survey will be emailed to new members that the Membership Coordinators have identified by Wednesday of that week.
3. When the email for Bike and Golf Enrollment is received a Survey needs to be completed. This takes approximately 2 minutes.
4. The Weekly Cycling Registration Assistant sends a list of new members who registered for cycling. You are now on the Weekly cycling list and will receive all information pertaining to weekly cycling.
5. If you indicated you would like to register for weekly Golf, your information is sent to Karol Muir the weekly Golf Coordinator. Everyone on the 2018 weekly golf list is emailed Monday/Tuesday for play the next week. Those wishing to play email Karol back by Wednesday.

Note: The Bike and Golf Contact Enrollment Survey was sent to all members
On March 28 th, 2018 (642 members)
On April 11, 2018 (9 New Members)
On April 20, 2018 (26 New Members)

To Date (April 19, 2018): 319 Cyclists registered
122 Golfers registered