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Examples of “Bulletin Board” messages would be:

“Who wants to play 18 holes on our next golf day? Contact (member).”

“Anybody interested in going for a 30km bike ride on Friday, May 23? Contact (member).”

“Male needs male roommate for Jasper Ski Improvement week. Contact (member)”

“For Sale – 170 cm parabolic skis – $25 – Contact (member)” –

and the like…

Please keep messages related to club activities only.

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13 Responses to Bulletin Board

  1. Dennis Nolan says:

    I just joined the RMSSC as a new member. I downhill ski, but I mainly XC ski. Are there other members that would like to arrange some XC ski activities during the week at golf courses and parks such as Gold Bar? Or perhaps if someone tells me the process, I can post the odd event.

    • Max Mayer says:

      Most of the RMSSC Members are downhill Skiers. You may want to contact the Edmonton Bicycle Touring club; most of the members are involved in XC skiing.

  2. Dennis Nolan says:

    Thanks Max, I know you from the EBTC, and they XC ski on evenings or weekends but not during the day Monday to Friday. So, I thought there would be more people in this group that would be available to go XC skiing during the day M-F.

  3. Lorne Woynarowich says:

    Dennis I am a x-country skier and would be willing to ski with you, I do most of my skiing in St. Albert, not sure where you reside but I am sure we could work something out once we get some snow.
    I am also very active with the down hill group going on 4 trips this year.

    • Dennis Nolan says:

      Thanks Lorne, let’s arrange something when the snow comes. I live in Millwoods. I like to ski at Gold Bar or out at Cooking Lake/Blackfoot Provincial Park, a city park, or at a local golf course. I’d like to try up in St. Albert one day too.


        Call me when you are ready to go

        Sent from my iPhone


      • seniorsski says:

        Greetings….I have removed some personal information from this thread. Phone numbers of other members can be obtained from the member’s list that the Membership Coordinator (Art Robinson) sends out……Tony

  4. Art Robinson says:

    Your phone number has been forwarded to a member of Seniors on Skis. This group walks/hikes in summer and cross country skis in winter. Someone from the group will be contacting you.

  5. Lorne says:

    Right on

  6. Dennis Nolan says:

    Where does this group go golfing during the summer? A store has the “Canada Golf Card” on sale for $34.99 which provides discounts.

    • seniorsski says:

      Please check the “Golf” tab from the home page. There you will find last years schedule that describes the golfing activity for last year.

  7. Lorne Woynarowich says:

    Hi Dennis, the RMSSC has a small group that golfs on Mondays, and we also have a fall Golf tournament. There is not an established group that travels around to various courses.

  8. Max Mayer says:

    For Sale
    $ 300.00
    Dynastar Legend 8000 Skis 165 cm with Atomic Bindings and 115 cm Atomic Poles
    Salomon Force 9 size 8 Rear Entry Boots.
    This package is suitable for an aggressive strong intermediate Skier. The Skis were just tuned and sharpened.
    Everything is in excellent Condition. A picture is available.
    Please contact me @ opaski29@shaw.ca or call 780-489-7173 (TEXT 780-910-7495)

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