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Examples of “Bulletin Board” messages would be:

“Who wants to play 18 holes on our next golf day? Contact (member).”

“Anybody interested in going for a 30km bike ride on Friday, May 23? Contact (member).”

“Male needs male roommate for Jasper Ski Improvement week. Contact (member)”

“For Sale – 170 cm parabolic skis – $25 – Contact (member)” –

and the like…

Please keep messages related to club activities only.

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9 Responses to Bulletin Board

  1. Bob Barrett says:

    Selling my 2016 Volkl 90EIGHT skis (170cm) with Look PX 12 bindings, gently used 10 days.

    Asking $350 and open to offers.


    Back for its second season, there’s nothing sophomoric about the 90Eight’s frontside performance. On top of its high-speed ability, it’s lightweight and highly maneuverable. That nimbleness comes from a raised ridge—in front of and behind the binding—that runs down the gut of the ski and levels out as it approaches the ski’s edge. With the weight distribution focused in the center, the low swing weight is apparent immediately. Dense ash underfoot with a composite and fiberglass casing ensures premium stability and power while energetic poplar in the rest of the ski promotes maneuverability and liveliness. One tester took notice of the build, stating, “It’s surprisingly stable for how light it is. It’s a bullet on the hardpack.”

    For professional review and video, Check out:

    If interested in upgrading your equipment, please contact me via email at robert.barrett108@gmail.com.

  2. seniorsski says:

    Thule ski and cargo box, 18 cu. ft., carries skis up to 200 cms. The box can be adjusted front to back and connects to bars with easily adjustable “jaws”. Dual side opening with locks on each side. I am selling the rack due to height limitations with garage and a new vehicle. $295.00 Call Tom Richards at 780.720.3770

  3. Donnie Mandingo says:


  4. Max Mayer says:

    Selling 156 cm K2 skis with Marker Bindings, recently waxed and sharpened.
    1 pair Lange Ski Boots size 8-1/2
    Everything is in excellent Condition; Sell as a Package for # $ 350.00 or separate.
    Contact Max Mayer 780-489-7173 or Text 780-910-7495 e-mail:opaski29@shaw.ca

  5. marianne shirtliff says:

    Have room for one passenger to marmot 2 march 17

  6. conn brown says:

    Wanted – Ladies style cycle for a granddaughter, mountain bike preferred

  7. Marty Cowie says:

    Marty Cowie and Dave Bundle have registered with the cycle-tour company, “Tripsite”, for a guided, 10-day cycling trip, starting on September 1, 2019, from Salzburg, Austria to Venice, Italy. The skill level is rated as “moderate”.
    Anyone interested in joining us can view information at:
    https://www.tripsite.com/bike/tours/salzburg-to-venice/. Or contact Marty or Dave.

  8. Max Mayer says:

    Is anybody interested in joining me on a Ride on Monday May 13, starting at the
    South Entrance of Elk Island Park, through the Park to Lamont and Chipman, then south to Highway 16 and past the Ukrainian Village back to the South Gate, app. 65 km Distance.
    If nobody replies then I want to extend this Invitation for an other Day. Please contact me by e-mail:

    Max Mayer

  9. Deanna Sharratt says:

    Have a 2 bedroom booked at Mystic Springs for the Canmore cycle trip.. We’re looking for roommates, a couple or singles, male or female. Call me at 780 238 3329.

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