These are “Posts” from days gone by. The order is from the most recent to the oldest at the bottom.


News Article about Club

Check out this article about the Club by the Edmonton Seniors News….


98 Year Old Skier

Check out this 98 year old skier  …….Thanx Max…..


Carl Ulrich Returns to Selma, Alabama

One of our members, Carl Ulrich, participated in the historic march from Selma to Montgomery. He returns to mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. CBC news has posted an article interviewing Carl.


CBC on New Members Day (2013) 

The CBC sent a news crew to Snow Valley on the Club’s New Members’ Day, Feb 5, 2013.  The resultant clip was aired on the evening news on Feb 8, 2013.  If you want to see the clip, click here.


RMSSC Facebook Site (2010)

As many of our members know, our photo albums have been hosted on the RMSSC Facebook site since mid-February.  To see all the albums there, click on this link:

RMSSC Facebook site

If you are a Facebook member and click on the “Like” button, Facebook will automatically post any new RMSSC pictures or videos to your wall. It’s a good way to keep up to date with all the new pictures.   Plus, you can comment on any picture.  There are already over 160 photos in the 2010 Biking album (click on the Photos tab and then 2010 Biking), plus a couple of videos (click on the Video tab) of our bike trip to Canmore.

If you aren’t a Facebook member, no problem.  You can still see all the albums and videos that are posted there.


RMSSC in Edmonton Senior Newspaper (2010)

The front page of the February 2010 edition of the Edmonton Senior newspaper featured a large colour photo of RMSSC members enjoying themselves at Sun Peaks last year.  The “Top of the World Warming Hut” never looked so good, with all those smiling faces in front of it!  Nice plug for the Club.  Thanks Edmonton Senior!

Click on this link to view the page as a pdf file:

Edmonton Senior Feb 2010 – page 1


Boot Fitting (2010)

No Snow (2008)

Ski Jumping Styles (2012) 

Arnie Stone Ski Jumper (2008)

Bruce McGavin Ski Jumper (2008)


Evolution of the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club (2007)


The attached document was provided to SASC members at the Annual General Meeting in Calgary on May 28. It describes the initial formation of the Northern Branch of the Seniors Alpine Ski Club and some of the issues which led to the evolution of the SASC Northern Branch into the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club some ten years later. Chief among these were the diverging views of the Calgary Executive and those of the Northern Branch members, specifically regarding summer activities. Also, at 44% of the overall SASC membership, the NB membership was large enough to be self-supporting and would be more adequately governed by a local executive more responsive to local interests. A similar document was provided to the SASC NB members at our AGM on May 14. Many members, both in Calgary and Edmonton, were not aware of the issues which led to the formation of the new club. It is the intent of the RMSSC that the Boards of both organizations cooperate to promote skiing, camaraderie and fitness for seniors.

Evolution of RMSSC.pdf


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