Kimberley Tour Report (Feb 24-28)

It was a trip for which to be thankful! Thanks to:

  • the weatherman for spring skiing conditions
  • our bus driver, Kong, for safe driving there and back
  • the back half of the bus for sweating on the way down
  • Roger and crew for unloading the bus on arrival
  • Kelsey’s for the fine lasagna on arrival
  • John for arranging for the evening’s entertainment
  • Brian Wright, snow host at Kimberley and folk singer, for info and mellow songs
  • Gary and Art for their duet
  • Jill, Alison, and Joe and their staff at the Marriot
  • the Old Bauernhaus for a scrumptious dinner on their day off and for their help getting the bus unstuck
  • Pat, Klaus, Robin, Carl for earning their Grand Marnier getting the bus out
  • the Webbers, Kyritz’, Valentins, and Hedegaards for opening up their rooms for a wine and cheese sharing on Wednesday and also for change rooms on our Thursday
  • the members of the executive for advice and assistance along the way
  • the bus unloading team upon return
  • the photographers
  • Everyone for being so co-operative and skiing safely!

Joyce Hendrickson, Ursula Maydell and Shirley Powell