Marmot Ski Improvement Week Report (Jan 20–24)

Romantic candle light dinner for 92
A most befitting end to an exciting week of skiing was presented to us by the staff of Jasper Inn on Wednesday evening – albeit – somewhat unplanned but not totally unexpected. We heard about a gas line rupture that had happened just east of the Jasper Park gates, in the late afternoon, when the lifts were shut down because of the impending power outage. The town of Jasper already was partially blacked out. As far as I know we all made it off the lifts before they stalled for the day.

Upon return to the hotel I called the kitchen immediately to see how much the gas line rupture affected their operation. The manager’s cool response “Not a problem – We just learned to cook without gas.” In fact our steaks were already in the process of being prepared on various barbeques, one of them brought in hastily by the chef himself. They invited us to come to the dining room pdq, which we did. No sooner had we inhaled the first glass of wine and delighted in our soups or salads, when the lights were dimmed to the point where only the small candles on the tables provided a most romantic and delightful atmosphere. We were taken by surprise, but there was laughter and applause. The staff remained totally unruffled and served the meals in a most efficient manner. Then I saw the computer screen, which had been lit to this point, go black as well. That meant they could not print out our bills; the manager reassured me on that account: “The drinks are on the house (to this point) and you can settle your account tomorrow morning, when the power, we hope, will be back up.”

Our applause and gratitude to the Jasper Inn staff for making a difficult situation pleasant for all of us.
NB – The skiing was great (isn’t it always). There were a couple of not too serious injuries, which seem to be healing. We wish the injured speedy recovery and hope to see them on one of our next trips. Ski Heil!
Inge Hess, Norma Kabaroff, Eva Grattan, Archie Childs – Tour hosts.