Sun Peaks Jan 11-15 2009 Tour Report

Thirty-eight members participating in Sun Peaks Tour #2 met at Millwoods Golf Course bright and early on Sun. Jan. 11, 2009. The bus was loaded and we were out of the parking lot by 7:50 AM, ten minutes before our scheduled departure time.  After a short stop in Edson and a lunch break in Valemount, the participants engaged in a rousing game of “Name That Tune.”  Marianne Shirtliff and Lyn Watamaniuk were the victorious pair. The journey continued and after lots of great conversation and a short shopping expedition at Little Fort, the bus arrived at the Coast Sundance Hotel at 5:40 PM.

Wine & cheese reception

Wine & cheese reception

The hotel was ready for our arrival and moving into our rooms went without a hitch. Thanks to the guys who unloaded the bus as this made getting luggage up to our rooms easy. The group was joined by 3 members from tour #1, who stayed on the hill for the weekend between the two tours, and a wine and cheese reception was enjoyed by all.

Of course there was great anticipation about the three days ahead as the weather forecast looked very promising.  Monday began with great weather and perfect snow conditions. The hill tour guides led many of us around to familiarize the new and reacquaint the returnees. It was a long day for many of us with lots of runs and relatively short breaks as we tried to get in as much time on the hills as possible. The hotel graciously allowed us to use the hospitality room again on Monday evening for a get-together so we could eat up the rest of the previous night’s goodies and share the stories of the day.

Tuesday saw light snow and more limited visibility for most of the day. The temperature hung right around -1 and the snow conditions remained excellent throughout the day.

Snow ghosts on 5-Mile

Snow ghosts on 5-Mile

It is amazing how quickly Wednesday arrived and the conditions challenged perfection. Crystal chair was framed in a blue sky and the snow ghosts were displayed in their amazing detail. In the afternoon the temperature climbed to +3, quite a difference from Edmonton’s recent plunging mercury. The evening saw the members meeting for lots of stories and a fine banquet at Masaʼs.

A very contented group of 41 returned home on Thursday evening, arriving at Millwoodʼs Golf Course at 6:30 PM. Thanks to everyone for making this tour a safe, memorable and relaxing event.

Bob Larson

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