Sun Peaks Jan 4-9 2009 Tour Report

The tour was a great success with no serious injuries – one or two sprained knees and similar twists and tweaks.  All fifty-six tour members eventually returned to Edmonton, which is a miracle given that many club members ski as fast – or faster – than 20 year-olds, rather than at speeds more appropriate for their mature years.  The drive out to Sun Peaks was uneventful although the driver was somewhat thrown by the quantity of baggage awaiting him at Mill Woods.  After he regained his composure he drove very efficiently – even in the mid-afternoon snow.  Why does it always seem to snow for about one hour either side of Blue River?

Happy group at Sun Peaks

Happy group at Sun Peaks

On arrival at the Coast Sundance a few flakes of snow started to fall – which was the start of a half-metre dump that night. Next morning started rather dull but the amount of new powder more than compensated – although it was a tiring day for many (including this writer). On day two (Tuesday) it snowed pretty much all day although the quality of the skiing was excellent due the Monday  evening grooming of many runs. Very little sun on Wednesday although – again – the quality of the skiing was excellent, particularly on Morrissey.  Our last day was Thursday and was memorable for the very heavy snowfall lasting a couple of hours either side of lunch.

Masa’s Restaurant came up trumps for the tour dinner. The instructions for the dinner said ‘drinks at 6.00pm, dinner at 6.30’; the tour hosts went to the restaurant about 5.50 to check all was well, and were surprised to find the whole group already seated.  Seniors, eh?



An uneventful journey back – apart from the inevitable snow at Blue River – had us back at Mill Woods right on time. Your tour hosts – Brian and Gordon would like to thanks all the volunteer baggage handlers, and all others who contributed to a good tour. Roll on Sun Peaks 2010.

Gordon Hollis

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