Lake Louise, February 27 – March 3, 2011

Submitted by Chris Brennan & Tony Holtner

We started our Tour with 43 members boarding the bus for a 9:30 AM departure time. We left a little early and were in Calgary for the lunch hour. On the way into the mountains, we were treated to a geological history lesson courtesy of Dennis Brooks who spoke on the formation of the Rocky Mountains. We arrived in Lake Louise around 3:30 PM and were whisked though our check-in procedure by the helpful Lake Louise Inn desk staff.
After unloading the bus and getting everyone squared away to their respective buildings, the Tour Hosts held a get-together to pass out ski lift tickets and have a beverage. Several of the 15 self-drivers also attended the party. The Welcome Party dinner that evening, hosted in the Wilson Room, was in a word, “spectacular.”
Overnight we were treated to 15 cm of new snow and despite cool morning temperatures, everyone enjoyed a memorable first day of skiing. Day two saw slightly warmer temperatures with a warm inversion at the higher elevations and sunny skies. Lots of trackless powder from the previous day was there for the poaching. Day three had flat light conditions especially in the back bowls and above the tree line that made the lower runs with trees the choice for the day.
After the third day of skiing, the Lake Louise Inn was our host again for the Club Dinner. All 58 of the tour members were present. This was another great meal enjoyed by all.
On the fourth day, “Let there be Sunshine” and there was, and it was good! Everyone enjoyed the scenic beauty of Lake Louise with 5 cm of fresh snow and endless photo opportunities. The end of the day saw a flurry of frantic changing activities for those who rode the bus. Despite a bevy of scampering half dressed seniors in the parking lot, the bus was loaded and departed around 3:40 PM, 20 minutes early.
Once in Calgary, everyone wandered off for supper. An hour and a half later we were all back on the bus and on the road at 7 PM. We made it to Edmonton at around 9:30 PM and despite the cold city temperatures, everyone got their gear and headed off with smiles on their faces.
Tour Hosts Chris Brennan and Tony Holtner wish to thank:

 The Lake Louise Inn – Colleen Taylor, Jessica Shenton and John Rowe. Also Chantelle and her cooking/serving staff.

 The Lake Louise Ski Resort – Michelle Gosnell and Brenna Spademan.

 Brewster Charter Services – Masako Tajima, Lindsay Bagshaw and drivers Norm White, John Dockrill and Nicole Kruger.

 All the RMSSC members who helped load and unload the bus.

 Bob Gillespie for his suggestion and comments on a Coat-of-Arms.

 Dennis Brooks for his inspiring words on Mount Yamnuska.

 Archie Childs for picking up the ski lift passes and making payments.

 Bob Larson and Klaus Kyritz for miscellaneous transportation needs.

 Kathy Robinson for setup, support and guidance.

click here for photos

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