Marmot Fun Race Report, January 28, 2011

Submitted by Kathy Robinson

As part of the Marmot Ski Improvement Tour, a Fun Race was held on Tranquilizer on January 26. Many of our members enjoyed watching others navigate the gates of a GS Course. Congratulation to the following members who participated in the race: Merilyn Arneson, Gaye Carter, Larry Comfort, Norm Coulthard, Fran Cuyler, Kris Fisher, Dick Foose, Greg Heenan, Bob Holzer, Doug Hunneman, Al Johnston, Byron Jonah, Ian Kupchenko, Ilene Larson, Richard Larson, Brian McClelland, Mike Person, Kathy Robinson, Art Robinson, Stan Rust, Madeleine Shalanski, Kevin Sherwin, Robbie Steen, Len Stevens, Janet Stoby, Mike Tansey, Ron Van den Heuvel, and Maria Yakula.

This was the first time through gates for a number of the participants. All enjoyed the thrill of racing! Participants, as well as spectators, were excited to see the racers’ time flash as they completed the course. The fastest man down the course was Larry Comfort, second was Bob Holzer, and third was Dick Foose. The fastest woman was Kathy Robinson, second was Fran Cuyler, and third was Maria Yakula. The happiest participant was probably Gaye Carter and the most thrilled participant was definitely the fellow who completed all four runs successfully – and placed last. All participants had a great time and are planning to challenge more people to try the course next year.

Thank you to Marmot staff for running such a smooth race. Thanks to Milt Gilmour for helping to arrange the race. A special thank you to our sponsor, Totem Ski Shop, for providing the electronic timing for the race.