Sun Peaks 2 Tour Report, January 9 – 13, 2011

Submitted by Wayne Loehr

The Sun Peaks #2 Tour was held on January 9 to January 13.  This was my first tour with the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club and it will not be my last.  All aspects of the trip unfolded as scheduled.  Even the terrible weather that greeted us on the morning that we departed could not dampen the enthusiasm of all participants or throw us off schedule. Our tour bus operator was great at getting us to the Coast Sundance Lodge on time.  The three days of skiing which followed provided three days of very different ski conditions.

The first day was overcast followed by a day of great sunshine. The weather coupled with groomed hills was magnificent. This is clearly demonstrated in the pictures below. On the third day, we woke up to 30 cm of new snow. Those praying for powder got their wish.  As a person getting back into skiing, I found it hard to believe the excellent skills of our ski group.  The group showed a lot of patience with me which I greatly appreciated.

Our two very successful evening functions, the Welcoming Reception and the Wednesday Evening Banquet, were attended by all.  It was a great time for mixing, for having a coke and for meeting new people.

To sum up the experience: great skiing, great friends and a cinnamon bun at the top of the hill. What more could one ask?

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