Sunshine Village 2, Tour Report, April 2011

Submitted by Brian Craig and Susan Robblee

 Sunday morning, April 10, arrived sunny and warm. We were on our way to the last ski trip of the season.

We arrived at Sunshine Village base, booked in at the desk, tagged our luggage and skis, met our contact, Ben Cash, parked the car in the valet lot, and hopped onto the gondola for the ride up to the Lodge.  We were on our way………..not a hitch; just a good experience after unloading the car and giving all our stuff to the very pleasant Sunshine Village staff.  We booked in at the Lodge, received our package of tow tickets, room keys, etc., from the staff, then proceeded to our rooms. We unpacked and proceeded to put our feet up until dinner in the Chimney Corner Lounge. All the time we were looking at the glistening snow and blue sky.

We awoke Monday to 6 inches of powder, snow and fog and nobody on “our” hill.

We skied all morning. Then at about 2:00 pm, a blizzard blew in closing the chairs and causing some of us on the hill to hide behind whatever signage we could find to get out of the blast of ice pellets that were pummeling our faces.  So much for “spring skiing.” With the lifts shut down, we took our equipment off, changed into our bathing suits and headed for the hot tub.  The minute we jumped into the tub, the sky cleared, and the lifts started running.  No problem, we stayed in the tub.  Some people changed their boots three or four times that day.

Tuesday dawned clear and blue; not a cloud in the sky. There were very few people on “our” hill.  For those of you who missed this trip, this is the beauty of skiing at Sunshine, mid-week in the spring with winter snow,  snow at night, clear skies during the day and the hill almost to ourselves.  It doesn’t get much better.

On Wednesday, the sky was the same. It was clear and bright blue. We skied all over: The Great Divide, Ladies’ Downhill, shooting Goats on another mountain, etc.

The Club dinner on Tuesday was a success. It was very informal, relaxed, friendly, and featured great food.  The size of the group was really a bonus as we got to speak to everyone. We compared the runs we had skied on and really got to know other members of the Club.  There is something exceptional about these smaller trips. I would recommend participating in the Sunshine trip next year.  The conditions at Sunshine are always extraordinary in the spring.

Click here for photos.

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