SUMMArY OF RMSSC Privacy Policy

The Club respects the confidentiality of all the information the Club collects. The Club reviews its practices regularly with respect to the sharing of confidential and private information. A complete copy of the Personal Information Protection Policy may be found here.

Members’ contact information is shared with the Executive and key Club volunteers for the purpose of communicating with members. Emergency contact information is shared with volunteers responsible for an activity/event (e.g., cycling or cross-country skiing group leaders, tour hosts, activity/event coordinators, etc.) to be used in a case of emergency.

Upon receiving confirmation of membership, members are able to select the information they consent to share with other members by setting the privacy levels in their individual profile.

Members have access on the website to a Member Directory. The Member Directory contains current names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Participants in activities/events may be sent group emails showing their email addresses and may be provided with a roster of participants including their names, addresses, email addresses and/or phone numbers.

Participants acknowledge that photos are often taken during Club activities and events. These photos may be published by the Club (e.g., on the Club website, emails, social media, newsletter) without identifying information. Participants should not pose for photos if they do not want their image published in these ways. Participants also accept and agree that they may appear in general, non-posed Club photos (e.g., crowd scenes).

All information available to members through our various contact lists is for personal use only.

The Club collects age-related information (year of birth) for the purpose of determining eligibility for membership as well as eligibility for complimentary membership at age 80. Age-related information is not shared with members. Aggregate numbers are used for statistical purposes by the Membership Coordinator.

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