Who can Join:

Applicants 55 years or older who support the Objectives of the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club may become a member upon proof of age and payment of the membership fee.

The Objectives of the Club are to:

  • Promote affordable alpine skiing for skiers who are 55 years and older,

  • Negotiate members’ discounts at ski resorts, ski shops, accommodations, and other service providers,

  • Organize group tours to ski resorts for the members,

  • Promote fellowship among members,

  • Encourage members to continue skiing as they advance in age,

  • Promote opportunities to help members improve their skiing skills,

  • Promote year-round activities that contribute to the social and physical well-being of the members,

  • Raise funds to achieve the objects of the society.

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    Renewal for the 2020/2021 Membership Year opens Oct 1, 2020 with online payment. Check your member profile to renew.

    New Members can apply online for membership. Proof of age is required with all new applications. Click Here to join.

    For further  information please email: membership@seniorsski.com

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