RMSSC Cross-Country Skiing Program

Following on the success of the inaugural 2020-21 program, the Club is again offering weekly cross-country skiing to provide members with another way to stay active and social.

RMSSC members who already cross-country ski together are welcome to register their group “as is” and enjoy the benefits of Club support, insurance and possible special ski events.

Weekly Skiing

  • Similarly to alpine ski hills, the Club will initially use colour-coding to organize groups & routes: Green Groups ski at the most relaxed pace, the easiest terrain (mostly flat) and shortest distance. Blue Groups ski faster and longer and may do some hills. Black Groups ski the most technically challenging routes, at faster pace and often longer distances.  Select a group that matches your physical conditioning and skill level. When you freely choose to ski with our groups and volunteer Group Leaders, you ski at your own risk.
  • Our cross-country ski season will start as soon as feasible and continue as long as the snow lasts. Groups meet at various locations throughout the Edmonton area.
  • We recommend members discuss with their group what type of skiing they prefer – classic (tracks) or skate skiing – and whether their skis require waxing.
  • What you need: your Club name badge, a smile, positive attitude, identification, cross-country skis, poles, boots and appropriate cross-country ski wear (lighter than for downhill skiing - you’ll warm up quickly once you start moving!)
  • For breaks, members are encouraged to bring their own thermos and snacks.
  • All Club skiers must confirm the waiver of liability they agree to when applying for membership and follow Club skiing etiquette as outlined by the Group Leaders.
  • Members are asked to register online with a skiing group at the appropriate level (Green, Blue or Black).  If you later decide you've made an unfortunate choice, please find another group willing to accept you and then contact xcountry@seniorsski.com. Many members will enjoy the opportunity to form strong friendships with others in their group!
To register with a group, go to Cross Country Groups.

    Health & Safety

    • As a seniors' organization, the Club is particularly aware of the need to follow the current -- and evolving -- Alberta Health safety practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of October 1 all participants in club activities are required to be fully vaccinated.
    • All skiers are expected to keep abreast of the current restrictions. The group leaders will be informed of any changes as they are announced by AHS.  As of this writing the only restriction while outdoors is the two-metre rule.

    Volunteers are essential!

    Nothing happens in our Club without people willing to give their time! We are looking for Group Leaders willing to lead a cross-country ski group of a size of your choosing -- 10 or fewer is common and this year no groups will be larger than 15. We are in particular need of leaders of  'Green' groups. It is important to note that these leaders are expected only to be organizers -- not instructors or even particularly good skiers.  If you are interested in helping out, email xcountry@SeniorsSki.com.


    Edmonton Nordic Northern Region Trail Report (includes conditions at Goldbar and links to City of Edmonton trail information)

    Edmonton Area Skiers Guide April 2020.pdf

    X-Country Skiing FAQ.pdf

    Edmonton Nordic Ski Exchange (a Facebook buy and sell page)

    Method for waxing XC skis v2.pdf

    X-country ski shops Edmonton Area rev6.pdf

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