Marmot Mar 8-12 2009 Tour Report

by Susan and Brian Hall

On March 8th 75 members headed into the wind and snow and cold to reach the Jasper Inn for a chili dinner prepared by tour hosts Brian and Susan Hall.

Chili feast

Chili feast

Monday saw 16 intrepid members ski in -34 C temperatures with a wind chill of -178 C  (approx). They bore the brunt of some good-natured ribbing but when all was said and done, they had the widest smiles.  Tuesday was somewhat warmer and a few more skiers enjoyed Marmot.  Wednesday was tropical (about -8 C) and everyone was outside in brilliant sunshine.  Those not skiing, strolled the town, being careful to avoid the “chocolate covered candies” on the sidewalks.

Louise Gurry, a flatlander from Saskatoon, joined the club to ski with her sister, Liz Donald.  What a great sibling’s trip.

New member Milt Gilmore, a Jasper resident and co-owner of Totem Ski Shop, had planned a demo day exclusively for club members.  The weather froze that plan but Milt assures us there will be lots of opportunities to do it next year.

The Jasper Inn served a delicious club dinner on Wednesday evening.

“The talk” that Brian gave at the Sunday dinner must have worked because we had no reported injuries during the trip.  Thanks everyone, for playing safely.

A c-c-c-cold day at the hill!

A c-c-c-cold day at the hill!

Despite the cold temperatures, 4 days of blue skies, sunshine and fun raised our spirits.

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