Sunshine April 5-8 2009 Tour Report

Sunday saw 20 eager, happy souls carpool (with excellent road conditions) to the gondola base then up to the Sunshine Village Inn. We are sorry Anke had to cancel at the last minute. Sunshine lived up to its name: sun and beautiful blue skies, a fabulous finale to our ski season. Definitely spring conditions greeted us, starting the day fairly chattery on the ungroomed mogul runs, softening nicely by mid-day and ending as heavy as mashed potatoes by late afternoon. The groomed runs were always reliable: fast in the morning and a little slower and softer by the end of the day.

Our welcoming party was held in the Brewster Suite: baked ham or roast turkey on buns with cheese and fixings and Nanaimo bars for desert. If the noise level meant anything, it was a success!

A big welcome to Christine Wigger, a new member, and on her first trip with the RMSSC. By all accounts she enjoyed the camaraderie and quietly celebrated her birthday.

Sunny SunshineA highlight for five of our participants, organized by Bruce McGavin, was skiing Delirium Dive; now if the name doesn’t send shivers, the experience will! Chris, our knowledgeable guide, safely maneuvered Bruce, Fran Cuyler, Gwen Williams, Jim Vine and Stan Rust down this notorious slope. Something to tell our grandchildren! It’s always wonderful to see one of our long time members, Willy Ford, playing very capably on the various runs and smiling all the way.

The evening dinners were attended by most of our group, in the Chimney Corner Lounge, where friendly waitresses serve tasty pub style meals. We will no doubt be remembered as the very boisterous “seniors”, but we all had fun.

Again, thank you to all who attended and made this, another memorable trip.

Your hosts,

Gwen Williams and Stan Rust

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