Sun Peaks 1, January 2 – 7, 2011

Trip Report Submitted by Brian and Laurie McClelland

The trip started for your hosts in September 2010 with a meeting of the Executive of the club and all the hosts for the 2011 season. At the meeting we were introduced, made welcome and provided an excellent manual and the promise of help and support from the executive. The experience of hosting has been most enjoyable. Hosting provides an avenue to being more involved in the club, getting to know more people, and a way to give back to the members who together make the club such a wonderful success. Thank you everyone.

After loading, and reloading in order to close the luggage doors on the bus we left Edmonton January 2nd on time. Many thanks go to all the members at both legs of the trip who lent their backs and gave their enthusiasm to the task. We had a few of our ladies helping too, and that was great. As a group we should remember to limit our luggage to essentials because with the full bus we just barely got everything on board. Our driver, Mr. Phammavongsa is experienced and kept us safe and on time despite difficult winter driving conditions.

After a few minor glitches with lift tickets and room locks, everyone enjoyed good fellowship at the startup reception and we all prepared for four days of skiing at a wonderful mountain ski resort. Monday dawned, as all days did, overcast with intermittent light or heavy snow. But, that is why we were there, to enjoy the snow at Sun Peaks and we had lots of it. Individuals formed into smaller groups based on skill level or timing or any of the many reasons for skiing together and enjoyed the vast selection of ski trails. Most often we got together for a rest and refreshments at the top of the sunburst chair at about 10:30 am. every day.

We all do everything we can to avoid accidents by skiing in control and having good equipment but incidents do happen and the club protocols had prepared us to deal with everything efficiently. In the instant case we are fortunate that everyone pulled together to maximize support for a member injured on the trip. Again, thank you all.

After four days of hard physical activity we were up and on the bus departing for Edmonton at 7:30am. We arrived home without serious incident and only a bit late because of road conditions, at 7:30 pm. On the way we especially enjoyed a photo tour of our four days at Sun Peaks provided by Bob Larson.

Our appreciation and thanks go to John Histed and his staff at the hotel, Tina Ernst and her staff at the Bella Italia, Sarah Empy and the guest services staff, and to the ski patrol and emergency staff at Sun Peaks. Finally, thank you to all of the participants who together made the experience so enjoyable.

To see pictures of the tour, click here