Sun Peaks 1 – Jan. 3-8, 2010

The bus driver arrived early at the Mill Woods Golf Course and parking passes were distributed. Loading proceeded very quickly, thanks to many volunteers who helped. The tour included 58 participants with 54 on the bus. We left by 7:00 a.m.

The skies were clear and very sunny with some highs up to +3C. The roads were dry and in very good condition. Don Bury, our bus driver, informed us about interesting side trips one could take if ever you come this way for a car trip and passed on background information about many sites including the Barriere forest fire.  We arrived at Sun Peaks Coast Sundance Lodge at 6:15 pm. Unloading proceeded very smoothly. At the welcoming party at the Hearthstone Lodge, we were treated to a hearty, tasty pasta meal.

Monday morning brought approximately 1 inch of new snow with some overcast skies and very mild -8C to -6C temperatures. The skiers were eager to ski. Many joined the Sun Peak’s tour guides and we heard Nancy Greene was also on the hill skiing.  Skiing conditions were good.

Tuesday, Jan. 5, was very sunny with beautiful hoarfrost on all the trees and temperatures hovering around -10C to -12C. A spectacular “sundog” with a sparkling column appeared to reach from the sun to touch the hill; an awesome sight! Good skiing conditions prevailed all day.

Sundog over Sun Peaks

Wednesday, Jan. 6, was clear but much cooler with temperatures hovering around -17 C and with a crisp wind. Cool temperatures did not deter the skiers. That evening, we were treated to a group dinner at the Hearthstone Lodge, complete with white tablecloths and tasty food with an amazing presentation. After the meal, we had a short sing-along with Bruce Walker leading. Jim Spalding and Roger Truman also joined in for a few songs. Special thanks to Bruce for bringing his guitar and song sheets.

Thursday, Jan. 7 had forecasted highs of -2 C but it remained very cool, closer to -12 C with a brisk wind. There was plenty of good skiing, especially on the groomed runs.

Friday morning, the bus was there early and, with the help of many volunteers, the bus was loaded and we departed on time. The roads were in very good driving condition. On the bus, we were treated to a number of good jokes and we had some good laughs. We arrived at the golf course parking lot at around 8:00 p.m. and unloaded the luggage and skis very efficiently. In no time, everyone was off to their homes.

Special thanks to our pleasant bus driver, Don, all the volunteers who so kindly loaded and unloaded all the luggage, and to everyone for being such a pleasant and easy going group of skiers.

Tour hosts: Byron Jonah, Roland Marchand and Helene Marchand.

Your hosts: Byron, Roland and Helene

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