Marmot in March, March 11 – 15, 2012

The Club’s last tour of the season presented plenty of snow and incredible skiing conditions. We all got a taste of things to come when we had to navigate through a snow storm while driving to Jasper, not just from the Edmonton area but also from Saskatoon, Cold Lake and Anzac. All eighty-nine participants registered for this tour made it safely to the Best Western Jasper Inn and Suites.

The Welcoming Party on Sunday night at the “Upstairs at the Inn” reception room was well attended by tour participants as well as by members not registered for the tour; there were 95 people attending. As always, the buffet of finger foods and snacks was excellent and enjoyed by all – a wonderful backdrop to meeting new members and old friends and catching up on each other’s news.

Although the weather could have cooperated a little more, the sun made an appearance every day, at least for a short period of time. Monday brought some fresh snow; skiing on the groomed runs was superb but we did get challenged by high winds later on. By the time we hit the slopes on Tuesday, there was even more snow, much to the delight of those who were looking for first tracks in deep powder. 

Those of us who like powder of the more shallow kind tried to stick to the runs that were already skied. Skiing gave all of us a good work-out that day; a long, hot shower or an extensive soak in the hot tub at the end of the day to take care of those sore muscles was a must. Wednesday, the sun was out all morning and many of the runs were freshly groomed – what a treat! Too bad some of us were still sore from the day before. Thursday we were back to snowy and windy conditions but excellent skiing. There will be good skiing in Jasper for a little while yet!
 The Wednesday night Club Dinner at The Inn Restaurant and Lounge was attended by 98. According to the manager, the restaurant was filled to capacity – no “drop-ins” allowed and everybody was asked to hand in his/her ticket! What a great opportunity to enjoy a nice meal, socialize, share stories, and look at pictures of the tour on wide screen TV (some photographers are never deterred by poor weather.) 
 Tour hosts Mika Madunicky, Wilma McClure and Maggie Kirchen would like to thank all those who made their first-time hosting easier, including hotel management and staff, the restaurant manager, chef and staff as well as the management and staff at Marmot Basin. Many Club members and the members of our Executive helped make this experience a less daunting one for us – thank you all!
Submitted by Maggie Kirchen

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