Marmot Ski Improvement Jan 29 – Feb 2, 2012

One hundred and eight members and guests participated in the Club’s Ski Improvement Tour to Jasper in late January. On Sunday evening, following a great trip on Highway 16, members of the tour met in the social room at the Jasper Inn for an evening of fellowship and great finger foods and snacks. The next day we were off to the hill and 47 of us took ski lessons ranging from the beginner level all the way through to giant slalom racing and mastering the moguls.  The weather was warm and inviting and the hill was well groomed on Monday morning waiting for our fresh tracks.

Members were seen in lesson groups all over the resort. Some even took lessons under Eagle East Chairlift leaving chair riders marveling at their abilities. Others were cruising the runs north of the new Paradise High Speed Quad. I am sure that every member of the tour appreciated the wonderful new high speed quad that whisked us back to the top in about 5 minutes. Some of us even complained that the break was too short. There were the Giant Slalom racers learning techniques on Porteous Way. This run is the farthest run to the north of Paradise Chair so they were out of sight of most of us. Other members could be found learning techniques on cruiser runs. All lesson groups were paired with very capable Marmot Ski School Instructors.

Other members headed out on their own. One group of members was seen skiing down Eagle East Glades, a double black diamond. They included Lorne Woynarowich, Archie Childs, Jim Vine, Fran Cuyler, Gwen Williams, Larry Comfort, Dick Foose and Stan Rust. They even have video and the pictures as proof of their wonderful experience.

Speaking of pictures, lots of cameras captured many of the personal triumphs on the hill and the general beauty around us. The sun even cooperated occasionally.

As we watched Mike Person ski with his four grandsons on Wednesday, the smile on his face infected us with smiles as well. And if you looked up toward the knob, you might have seen a fairly large group skiing down Charlie’s Bowl where, according to them, the snow was incredible. None of the rest of us could independently verify this.

So all in all, there was something for everyone: challenges, lessons with new skills learned and practiced, cruiser runs, on-hill meetings for chats, coffee breaks and lunches all combined with incredible scenery and great fellowship.

Members came from far and wide for the tour:  Grande Prairie,  Fort McMurray, White Rock, B.C., and Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia. Milt Gilmore, a member living in Jasper, an instructor in the ski school, and a share holder at Totem Ski Shop, arranged for sponsorship of the electronic timing for the Fun Race with Totem Ski Shop. There is no way that the Club could have afforded electronic timing without the help of Totem. Totem Ski Shop also sponsored last month’s Ski Tracks Newsletter. The race was superbly organized by Robbie Steen. Thirty-six members showed their stuff racing down the hill. Each participant had two runs to prove their mettle and earn bragging rights with their friends. Many members were spectators and cheered every participant as they zigged and zagged down the course. A summary of the Fun Race and pictures can be found on pages 7 and 8.

Wednesday night found us sharing stories and experiences while enjoying a great group dinner. The large screen television displayed a slide display showing the participants of the tour in action on the slopes and socializing during the first Marmot Tour of the year.

Brian and I wish to thank Georgie and Dennis Brooks and new member Susan Marshall who helped with many facets of the tour.

Submitted by Brian & Susan Hall and Dennis & Georgie Brooks

Click here for photos of Marmot Ski Improvement

Click here for photos of races during Marmot Ski Improvement

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