Sun Peaks 2 January 15-20, 2012

Sun Peaks 2 2012 rocked! Ten new members, Golden Arrow driver, Ken Watson, friendly and helpful Coast Sundance Lodge personnel (especially John Histed and Marc Laviolette), and seasoned RMSSC members contributed to a memorable Sun Peaks 2 Tour. In total, we were 48 skiers: 44 were on the bus, 1 drove, and 3 flew in – one from Winnipeg, the other two from Edmonton.

In frigid weather, club members dressed warmly and skied as many runs as cold fingers and toes allowed. Hunter’s schnitzel, nachos, Canadian-brewed ales, and room-cooked meals helped recovery from the cold. The outdoor hot pool, massage therapists, retail therapy, and Sunburst Lodge’s unforgettable cinnamon buns helped too!

Sun Peaks 2 tour began Sunday January 15. Many were up at 4:30 AM to shovel new snow and arrive on time. By 7:30 AM, the bus departed Millwoods Golf Course parking lot. We had a smooth and quick pick-up in Edson. Our driver focused on the job at hand and calmly  negotiated some very slippery areas. When a car or two challenged the big bus in unsafe ways, Ken simply took evasive action. We arrived safely at Sun Peaks by 6:30 PM.

Coast Sundance Lodge personnel were thrilled to have us during their quiet time. Tina Ernst (Bella Italia restaurant in Hearthstone Lodge) oversaw preparation of a great welcome party – a pasta buffet with salad, squares, and beverages. One skier required a special meal and the staff easily complied.  The club dinner, also prepared by Tina Ernst a few days later, was a fantastic buffet with lots of variety and marvelous cheesecakes too.

Monday evening, an informal get-together occurred in Bottoms, the Lodge bar, helping  new members to get to know one another, find others to ski with, and socialize with seasoned members.  Tuesday evening, Bruce Walker led a sing-along with his guitar.

Despite -20, -24, and -30 degrees Celsius, Club members skied their hearts out. Lifties, ski hosts, and ski patrollers all warned people about frostbite and no exposed skin. Everyone took precautions, but frostbite did show up as red smudges under eyes, and on chins, noses, foreheads, and cheeks. One member was skiing by Braille (iced-up goggles on inside), did the splits with a twist, and had a toboggan ride down. A few lucky skiers discovered that Crystal chair offered a temperature inversion. Blue sky and temperatures several degrees warmer provided more pleasant skiing. For some, it became a spiritual event; the cloud cover below looked like a large white lake in the valley.

Outbound on the bus, Robbie Steen had us all chuckling; homebound, Len Stevens, Gordon Stewart, and Ed Greaves provided humour and inspiration.

Thanks to all who helped load and unload equipment, and to everyone for contributing to an enjoyable experience.

Submitted by D. Lynn Skillen and Marjorie Anderson

Click here for photos of Sun Peaks 2, 2012

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