Sunshine Dec 2 – 5, 2012

The Sunshine Village ski trip started ahead of schedule on December 2, 2012. The bus was loaded and all thirty-seven skiers were on board by 9:15 and the tour was underway.

Then the fun began. Near Ponoka the bus developed mechanical problems and it seemed like there would be a delay until a mechanic could investigate the drop in air pressure. However, after a brief stop, the problem temporarily resolved itself and the driver was able to coax the bus to Airdrie, where everyone transferred to a replacement bus. Even with the delay, everyone got to the resort by 3:00 pm.

Soon after the going up the gondola and settling in their rooms at the hotel, four club members who drove to Sunshine joined the group for light refreshments and pleasant conversation.

On Monday it was out to play in the snow. There was lots of snow – over 100 cm of base covered with fresh powder. Sometimes visibility was limited because of fog and falling snow, but skiers got down the slopes one way or the other. On Monday night everyone enjoyed a club dinner in the dining room.

Tuesday saw much of the same with periods of snow and the odd period of sunshine. The wind and fog kept many members on the lower runs such as Wolverine and Wawa, but others tried Standish and Strawberry and yet others ventured up Goats Eye where conditions were excellent. There was no arranged dinner on Tuesday night, but impromptu gatherings occurred at the hot tub and in the dining room.

Heavy snow overnight made for unbelievable conditions on Wednesday. Thirteen cm. of new snow fell and the wind sometimes deposited it into drifts that got deeper with each telling. One unlucky skier got himself buried in one of the drifts and had to be helped out. Rumor has it that a wild animal, perhaps a wolverine, was seen circling the skier with dinner on its mind.

By 3:00 pm most everyone was ready to load the bus for home. With a stop at CrossIron Mills mall for supper, the bus arrived at the Mill Creek Golf Course by 9:00 pm and everyone got their gear and left for home.

The tour hosts, Byron Jonah and Al Johnston, wish to thank everyone for making the tour a great experience. There were always lots of volunteers to help load and unload the bus and people were always on time.  Thanks to the friendly and courteous staff at Sunshine and to the bus drivers who safely drove to and from the mountain. A special thanks goes to Colin, who had to deal with the balky bus.

Submitted by Allan Johnston.

Click here for photos of this tour.


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