Marmot Ski Improvement Tour Jan 26-30, 2014

104 folks registered for the tour to Marmot in January. As in years past, we stayed at the Best Western Jasper Inn & Suites and were pleasantly surprised by the complimentary bottle of wine that they supplied to each room.. The conditions at Marmot were a little suspect because of the lack of snow but most everyone still found places to play & enjoy on the hill.

The Welcome Reception went very well with everyone enjoying the pick-up buffet. The 11 new Club members on the trip were introduced as well as the 6 Brian’s. Everyone on the trip now knows that Brian is Gallic for “god”. We also had the pleasure of having Bill & Joan Webber & Klaus & Gail Kyritz join us for the reception.

43 folks signed up for ski lessons. The instructors were very good & most participants found the lessons to be very worthwhile. The 2 female students in the GS Camp did very well in the race on Wednesday!

Tuesday afternoon many of our members participated in the Senior’s Tea that Jasper in January organized which included return bus service to the Marmot Basin Lodge, tea, coffee, cinnamon buns, brownies etc. This was particularly enjoyed by those folks on the tour who were not downhill skiers. Thanks to Elizabeth Mowat-Kupchenko for discovering this event & organizing folks to go.

Tuesday evening 38 of our members went on the Maligne Canyon Icewalk which they found very beautiful & interesting. This tour was provided by Maligne Adventures Ltd. for half price which our frugal members much appreciated. Thanks to Elaine & Gene Dextrase for organizing this outing.

Wednesday was the day of the Big Costume Race. There were 28 participants with men in drag, witches, hockey players, bears, bees, honey pots, butlers, escaped convicts, gorillas, sheriffs and many other wondrous outfits. Brian McClelland won first place, Lorne Woynarowich second place & Gail Cunningham third place for their costumes. In the group category Shirley Powell, Joyce Hendrickson & Ursula Maydell won first place & Jim Vine, Donna Vine & Jo Ann Grand won second place. Stan Rust deserves honorable mention but we did not think we should encourage all these drag queens to “out” on the same day!! What a hoot!! Thanks to all those who went to the trouble of preparing a costume & entertaining the shyer members with their antics.

As for the race itself, the fastest 3 times shown by the men were George Andrew, Richard Larson & David Sinclair. The fastest 3 times shown by the women were Donna Vine, Ilene Larson & JoAnn Grand. Of note is the fact that Robbie Steen beat Brian McClelland!!!

The Club dinner was held on Wednesday evening and folks really enjoyed the food prepared by the hotel’s new chef. Nine of our members who were not on the tour joined us for dinner. Prizes were awarded to all of the racers & a door prize was awarded by draw to Mary Anne Cabay. A huge thank you to Robbie Steen & Milt Gilmore for organizing the race & collecting all the prizes. The donors were extremely generous to our Club this year.

Many folks on the tour thought that Brian Colgan did a stellar job as master of Ceremonies at the reception & dinner. His remarks created lots of laughs & discussion.

As tour hosts, Gene Dextrase & Brian Colgan wish to thank the hotel & Marmot Basin for their fine work in support of the tour. Also a big thank you to all the tour participants for their fun loving spirit & cooperation.

Click here for racing and skiing photos of the tour

Click here for other photos of the tour

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